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    Script & Development Consultant

    Anna has partnered with the BFI, international TV and Film producers and supported a diverse range of writing talent – from Nicholl Fellowship award-winning screenwriters to best-selling authors. In 2021 she was a script consultant for BFI Network’s ‘New Voices’ initiative, in collaboration with Blak Wave Productions.

    Screenwriter & Director

    Anna is also an award-winning Writer-Director who has worked with BAFTA and Oscar-winning talent as well as the National Youth Theatre. In 2021 Anna was selected by StoryFutures Academy to write and direct an XR comedy with Creative Alchemy One. She is also developing a slate of immersive projects through her own XR production company www.movrshaker.com


    Here are a few of the ways ANNA can support your story

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    For Writers & Producers

    Film / TV script analysis

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    For Writers & Producers

    TV Bibles & Film Pitch decks

    For Teams and Individuals

    Workshops and Table Reads


     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND
     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND
     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND
  • Gratuitous violence towards women on screen has been insidiously normalised, desensitising audiences and contributing to a culture in which the harassment and abuse of women is all too often dismissed, denied and even celebrated. This urgently needs to change. But how can we authentically portray the lived experiences of women without objectifying or dehumanising female characters and normalising violence? These guidelines are designed as a tool to help screenwriters stress-test their scripts.

    Launched by BFI 2021


    Here’s what clients say about working with ANNA

    ANGELA CLARKE, Best-Selling Author & Screenwriter 

    ‘Anna’s passion, enthusiasm, and wealth of knowledge for screenwriting, and the industry, combined with her ability to identify and focus in on the heart of the story, and its emotional beats, made her an unparalleled script editor to work with. A true joy, she went above and beyond to hit a very tight deadline, I would wholeheartedly recommend her.’

    SAM BARON, Screenwriter-Director THE SCIENCE OF LOVE (Comedy Drama Feature)

    In Development with Rather Good Films (UK) Gary Foster (US), supported by the BFI

    'I can't recommend Anna highly enough. She has a wicked sense of humour and a brilliant eye for structure, plus the highest standards for emotional authenticity and a deeply character-driven approach to the whole process. She will push you to be as honest and daring as possible in your creative choices, and she will even make you feel like the good bits were your ideas. I can't wait to work with her again.'

    GUY WOOLF, Creative Director, REPRESENT. Theatre


    ‘Anna's workshop was completely unique in the way she distilled the complex and enigmatic art-form of writing to its fundamentals. Building character from scratch and using psychological frameworks to do so was such an accessible way in for us and our cast to begin working on developing our new play idea. I would work with Anna again in a heartbeat and recommend her to anyone.’



    Anna breaks down the core building blocks of creating a character and developing a working relationship to text and world-building. She creates a warm, light-hearted and playful environment that encourages you to put the theory into practice immediately. Would recommend both newcomers to writing and the more experienced as it is an invaluable refresher on how to create believable and three-dimensional characters.”


    Here are some examples from ANNA’s showreel

    I Seek Asylum


    Emma Thompson

    & Doon Mackichan


    Based on actual interviews, this short film portrays the brutality of the UK Asylum Interview process


    Made for:

    Helen Bamber Foundation -

    A charity supporting survivors of trafficking and torture


    Life of Leaf


    Francesca Lombardo


    International Techno DJ, Francesca Lombardo, presents her debut album as a singer-songwriter, 'Life of Leaf'


    Made for:

    Blue Raincoat Music




    Here are some of ANNA's writing credits


    Written on behalf of the charity, HELLO WORLD

    265 million children do not have access to an education.

    Stephen Fry explains how Hello World is tackling the global education deficit by teaching marginalised communities to build and maintain solar-powered, internet-enabled education hubs.


    Short Film

    Written & Directed by Anna Southgate

    Based on actual asylum interviews, this film exposes the hostile immigration system that confronts some of the world’s most vulnerable refugees when they reach the U.K.


    Starring Dame Emma Thompson & Doon Mackichan.


    90-min live show

    Anna consulted on and wrote material for an award-winning stand-up’s satirical Edinburgh show that enjoyed a National Tour and 2 runs at the Soho Theatre, London (2018-19)

    SELF TAPE - Drama

    1 hour pilot for Anthology TV Series

    Isolated from the outside world, a mother seeks to reignite her floundering acting career through a series of self-tapes. But as she loses the fight against alcoholism, so the characters take control of both her private life and public image.

    TEAM-BUILDING - Black Comedy

    Feature Film

    Five warring colleagues from a Life Insurance Company go on a team-building trip to the lowest golf course on earth - in Death Valley, only to find themselves lost in the desert without a map, an ice bucket containing a severed foot their sole source of water. They have 12 hours to get out alive. But to do that they must work as a team.

    MIX-TAPE - A Rom-com

    TV Series

    A reluctantly love-struck young woman makes a mix-tape for her boyfriend, each song charting a seminal moment in their on-off relationship.

    BERNIE'S GIFT - Comedy-Drama

    Feature Film

    Co-written with Jonathan Gershfield

    A disgraced celebrity chef with a dark secret goes on a culinary road trip with his son in the hope of restoring his reputation and their relationship. But to do that he must first swallow his pride, spill the beans then eat a great big slice of humble pie



    Executive Committee Member

    A Script Editing consultancy for international screenwriters

    Reclaim The Frame


    A movement to promote female-driven films


    2017-18 Mentee

    Bird's Eye View's mentorship scheme for female film-makers


    2017-18 Alumnus

    Encounters Film Festival / British Council film-makers initiative

    Women in Film & TV


    Support, promotion and advocacy for women in Film & TV


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