Looking for a writer with experience in Radio, TV, Live Performance, Stand-Up & Film?

    Here are some of PENWOMAN's current projects

    BERNIE'S GIFT - A Comedy-Drama (Feature)

    By Anna Southgate & Jonathan Gershfield

    A disgraced celebrity chef with a dark secret goes on a culinary road trip with his son in the hope of restoring his reputation and their relationship. But to do that he must swallow his pride, spill the beans then eat a great big slice of humble pie

    TEAMBUILDING - A Black Comedy (Feature)

    By Anna Southgate

    The Diversity Committee of a Life Insurance Company goes on a team-building golf trip to Death Valley. Trouble is, everybody hates one another, nobody plays golf, then somebody dies

    SECURITY - A Short Film

    By Anna Southgate

    A pacifist bouncer and an ambitious receptionist are in love.

    Only he doesn't know how to say it and she wouldn't know how to accept it


    Want a sounding board for your idea or in-depth script analysis?

    Here are some of the ways PENWOMAN can help

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    Face-to-Face Consult

    Features / Shorts / TV & Web


    £50 per hour

    Skype / FaceTime / WhatsApp

    (including reading time)


     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    Written Script Analysis

    Features / TV & Web Series


    Feature (up to 120 pages) £300

    Series* (up to 60 pages) £150

    *rate per pilot episode

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Table Reads with Mentor

    Features / Shorts / TV & Web


    £25 per 2-hour session

    <10 people

    each writer brings 10 pages p/w


    Screenwriting Classes

    Features / Shorts / TV & Web


    £25 for 2-hour class

    Please use contact form to enquire about upcoming courses 


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    Face-to-Face Practice



    £50 per hour

    FaceTime / Skype / Whatsapp

    (includes market positioning)

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    Face-to-Face Feedback

    Features / TV & Web Series


    £50 per hour

    Skype / FaceTime / WhatsApp

    (including reading time)

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    Clients & Partners

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     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    Need a French-English translation of Screenplay, Story Outline or Marketing Materials?

    PENWOMAN has a 2-stage process to ensure the text remains faithful to the original

    AND feels authentic to the reader


    Le processus de traduction se fait en deux étapes : d’abord à travers une traduction du texte par une bi-linguiste Français / Anglais, puis, à travers une vérification du texte par une Anglophone native. Cela garantit que le texte traduit reste fidèle à l’original



    Translation by Bilingual

    Script Editor 


    Alizée Musson



    Press flag for website

    Anna Southgate

    Ba Hons French & Russian

    Verification by

    Native English

    Script Editor


    £0.10 per word

    Lexical / Cultural



    £0.10 per word

    UK / US Film Industry



    £0.10 per word

    Business / Market Place



    Need support with Screenwriting, Producing or Directing?

    Here's some examples of what PENWOMAN can help you achieve

    I Seek Asylum


    Emma Thompson

    & Doon Mackichan


    Based on actual interviews, this short film portrays the brutality of the UK Asylum Interview process


    Made for:

    Helen Bamber Foundation -

    A charity supporting survivors of trafficking and torture


    Life of Leaf


    Francesca Lombardo


    International Techno DJ, Francesca Lombardo, presents her debut album as a singer-songwriter, 'Life of Leaf'


    Made for:

    Blue Raincoat Music



  • VR & 360

    VR is described as the 'empathy machine'

    PENWOMAN is bringing dramatic narrative writing skills to this exciting technology

    In The Room

    A series of interactive divergent narratives in 360 - in development with MOVRSHAKER.com


    Need support with your 1000-capacity Conference or intimate After-Show Party?

    Here's how PENWOMAN can help

    What to say

    & how




    What to do

    & where

    Location Scouting

    Supplier Sourcing


    Who watches it & why



    Health & Safety

    Who does it

    & with what

    Stage Direction

    Crew Management

    Sound & Lighting

    How to sell it

    & when


    Web Content

    Press Releases

    A Case Study

    Patrons &


    Colin Firth

    Stephen Fry

    Anish Kapoor

    James Naughtie

    Fergal Keane

    Lyse Doucet

    Jeremy Hardy

    Nerina Pallot

    The Conversation

    2015 - 2018

    'The Conversation' An annual fundraising & cultivation live event hosted by HBF President

    Emma Thompson

    (250 - 900 people)

    BBC Radio 4

    Charity Appeal


    Written for HBF's


    Emma Thompson for BBC Radio 4


    (Aired 18 June 2017)


    I Seek Asylum

    Short Film


    2017 Winner of

    Female Film Critics Circle Award

    Socially Relevant

    Film Festival (US)

    & Jury Prize

    Social Justice Film Festival (US)

    In Our Own Words


    A short film made with the Helen Bamber Foundation Women's Group

    Speaking out against UK Immigration Detention


    Anna Southgate

    PENWOMAN Founder

    Having worked as an actress, presenter and stand-up, Anna started screenwriting over 15 years ago with BBC Radio 4’s comedy show, DEAD RINGERS which then went to TV. She currently has several films scripts in development and is busy penning material for a fellow comedian’s 2018 Edinburgh show. Anna is also an award-winning producer-director, screenwriting consultant and a champion of female filmmakers (see below)


    Executive Committee Member

    A collaborative of professional Script Editors providing support and consultancy for international screenwriters

    Reclaim The Frame


    A movement to promote female-driven films

    Socially Relevant Film Festival

    Narrative Drama - Jury Member 2018

    An annual Human Rights-based International Film Festival based in New York, US


    2017-18 Mentee

    Bird's Eye View's annualmentoring programme to support women film-makers 


    2017-18 Alumnus

    An Encounters Film Festival and British Council initiative to support up-and-coming film-makers

    Women in Film & TV

    Active Member

    An organisation to support, promote and advocate on behalf of women in Film & TV


    Alizée Musson

    Script Editor / Translator

    Born in France before moving between the Netherlands and the UK, Alizée began writing while studying film production at the Arts University in Bournemouth. Currently based in London she is on the executive committee of EUROCRIPT, for which she provides screenplay feedback (in both French and English) to independent screenwriters. She also reads scripts for international companies such as the ISA, based in Los Angeles, and is a freelance translator




    SAM BARON, Screenwriter-Director THE SCIENCE OF LOVE (Comedy Drama Feature)   

     Agent: Amanda Davis, Curtis Brown

    'I can't recommend Anna highly enough. She has a wicked sense of humour and a brilliant eye for structure, plus the highest standards for emotional authenticity and a deeply character-driven approach to the whole process. She will push you to be as honest and daring as possible in your creative choices, and she will even make you feel like the good bits were your ideas. I can't wait to work with her again.'


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